Cotton is a bulk staple fiber produced from the cotton plant. It serves as the primary raw material for textiles all over the globe. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions, within latitudes that provide a long frost-free growing period of 150 or more days per year.

Once harvested, cotton fiber is separated from its seed and is traded in bales of 75-220kg each. Crushed cotton seed produces oil primarily used for cooking and is a meal used for animal feed.

Asia is key for both cotton production and consumption. Together, China and India produce more than half of the world’s cotton. India is one of the largest exporters, whereas China is a leading consumer and importer.

The US is the world’s largest exporter and the third largest producer. Remaining world production is spread among more than 50 other countries.It is most desirable products of raw cotton. Cotton bales made from raw cotton after processing of ginning and pressing. Raw cotton goes in ginning for gin process in which first cleaning process happen on raw cotton, removing moisture from cotton than after cotton lint separate from cotton seeds. Pressing unit press the cotton lint and make standard size of cotton bale. Our Cotton bales are very suitable for transportation from nation to nation.Aakash Ginning Industries Pvt. Ltd. is well Known for manufacturing best cotton from its State of the Art and completely automatic and latest technology based plant in Cotton industry . Our Company is dedicated to provide value in the Cotton business. We have established our strong presence in the global supply chain in Cotton with a focus on Asia Pacific. 

Our products in cotton bale

We have good quality of cotton bales of below cotton linters.


  • J34-R/G
  • J34-S/G


Characteristics (In HVI Mode) :
# Staple length : 28 mm to 30 mm
# Strength : 27 to 30 gm / tex
# Color Grade: 21-1, 31-1 Near about GM Grade, Reflectance- 78%
# Microniare : 3.8 to 4.3
# Uniformity Ratio : 83%+
# Elongation : 5.5 to 6.5 %
# Maturity : 72+ %
# Trash : Below 4.0%

Comparable foreign growth: -USA Fiber Max, Acala, W. African, Australian and Brazilian cotton.